Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mary Miranda Seeley Peel Oman ~

Taken from "Scandinavia to Sanpete"
edited by Christian Peel

Mary Miranda Seeley was born before the Civil War (1857)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Christian F. Peel and Mary Miranda Seely Peel ~ Pioneers of the Month ~ October 2014

Christian F. Peel and Mary Miranda Seely Peel  Family

After Christian's death, the farm wasn’t the happy place it once was, so the farm was leased out and Miranda and the children moved to town and lived with Miranda’s mother in the big house on 5th West and Main Street.

Peter Azel Peel and Mary Margaret Ericksen were married March 18, 1908.  They moved down to the log house, but they only lived there a little over a year and then moved back to town.

On November 27, 1912, John Peel and Esther Matson were married and moved to the Peel log house.  They lived there and raised twelve children.  

It was always hard to get to school in the winter.  They moved to town in 1934, where they rented and later bought the Brown Home.  John Peel’s sons worked the farm but the farmhouse almost fell apart. 

In 1996, Dan and Esther Peel Randall bought 39 acres around the farm house from the Peel boys.  They restored the old log house and made a fish pond, a play ground, and built a beautiful new home west and south of the log house.  But sorrow came again when Dan had a sudden heart attack and died May 31, 2003.  Esther still lives alone and is always happy when family comes to visit.
 Peel Homestead

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